Staying Healthy While Eating A Vegan Diet

The evidence is there: going vegan has many health benefits. With new information on the dangers of over-consuming red meat and other animal-based products, there's never been a better time to start practicing a plant-based diet and one of the best ways to begin this journey is with meal replacement products and vegan meal replacement shakes.

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Benefits of going Vegan

There are many benefits to adopting a vegan lifestyle. First of all it's better for animal welfare and the planet as a whole.  Secondly, it reduces the amount of pre-packaged, preservative-filled items that you eat. And, of course, the most important benefit is the one that improves your overall health. A vegan diet means you only eat plant-based items and plants are full of healthy nutrients and lack the fat and other unhealthy elements that are in many meat-based products. This type of diet reduces your chances of getting heart disease, diabetes and even some cancers. It also curbs obesity, ups your energy levels and helps you feel better overall. 

Drawbacks of a vegan diet

Unfortunately, there's also evidence that going vegan or plant-based results in health issues related to a lack of certain nutrients that are present in animal products.  Vitamin B12, iron and protein are three of the nutrients that are often lacking in people who follow vegan diets. Fortunately, vegan meal replacement shakes can help prevent many issues that arise from a diet that is lacking in these essential nutrients. 

Vegan meal replacement products

When it comes to vegan meal replacement products, there are many to choose from these days!  Not too long ago, being vegan was seen as an alternative lifestyle choice that only a very small minority of people practiced.  These days, it seems everyone is going vegan! 

Food manufacturing companies that are already established in the meat industry started adding these alternatives to their offerings to keep customers they already had.  Individuals and smaller companies started popping up on the food scene with creative ideas on how to make being vegan tastier and healthier.  This means that vegans now have more choices than ever before and it's easier than ever to adopt this healthy lifestyle without sacrificing taste. 

When vegan meal replacement products first started hitting the store shelves about twenty years ago, there were only a few items to choose from and these items were tasteless and bland.  When you go to the grocery store now, you'll often find an entire section or even an entire aisle dedicated to vegetarian and vegan foods. Not only are there many brands to choose from but there are also many different items available including pork, bacon, beef and chicken substitutes. Whether you're in the mood for meat balls, chicken wings, hot dogs, hamburgers or sausages, there's a substitute available.  Even dairy products, such as yogurt, cheese and milk, have substitutes. 

There are many health benefits to adding these vegan meal replacements to your diet. They are fortified with the vitamins and protein that you need to be healthy but can't get from plant-based foods alone. These products are also usually low in fat, sugar and preservatives so you can eat like normal and not have to worry about gaining weight or being more at risk for certain ailments.